At THE PLANNING STUDIO, we take a PEOPLE first approach in developing better MOBILITY solutions and creating a quality sense of PLACE in our cities.   We help communities achieve their vision by delivering effective communication, strategic planning, land use, urban design, mobility planning, and real estate solutions.

Our core services are focused at the intersection of urban mobility and sustainable land uses.  Cities make transportation investments and adopt land use policies that shape the built form of our cities.  As cities and regions plan for a more sustainable future, THE PLANNING STUDIO bridges the gap between disparate decision-making processes with the goal of improving the built form of cities to give communities sustainable choices in mobiity.

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better planning
through knowledge

Knowledge shapes our understanding of the world.  Cities with abundant financial resources are investing in the future. They are investing in quality public places. They are building new or expanded transit systems. And they are changing their regulations to cater to the evolving needs of their changing populations. Cities unwilling to invest or evolve to meet the needs of future residents risk being left behind.

Knowledge helps organizations shape their strategies and make effective choices around implementing their plans. At THE PLANNING STUDIO, we provide our clients with the integrated planning and decision-making approach designed to deliver an effective roadmap for project and plan implementation.

We recognize the financial challenges facing most cities and offer practical and effective solutions without costly projects and programs that may ultimately be unsustainable. Instead, we develop durable and resilient plans that help cities adapt to a changing future while helping them rediscover the timeless and fundamental building blocks common to cities with mobile and healthy people, successful economies, and clean environments.

better planning through
people-focused solutions

We work with citizens, stakeholders, and clients to develop solutions.  Our focus on PEOPLE helps us understand the unique problems each community faces and changes are affecting MOBILITY and PLACE.

How are land use changes affecting access to jobs?  How are technology changes improving mobility?  Are traditional approaches to planning land use, parking, and transportation continuing to be relevant to future generations who use technology-based solutions to interact with the cities in which they live?

The conventional planning approach uses past trends as indicators of the future, but this approach has failed to reduce congestion, improve safety, or enhance mobility for vulnerable populations.  For everyone else, this approach has  failed to reduce travel times and congestion.  The failure of trend-based planning is that it assumes citizens in a society are static - that demographics, technology, economy, behaviors, and expecations will all remain the same over time.

Cities are changing, and so is how we move around them.  Let us help you anticipate the future of your city!

What Our Clients Say

Through all of the challenges we faced, you served
as an invaluable resource in analyzing the effects of
external actions on the delivery of this program.


Station Area Market Studies

Evaluation of LRT Station Area Development Opportunities, Seattle, Washington

THE PLANNING STUDIO evaluated potential opportunities at light rail transit station areas for higher density mixed-use development opportunities. Private Client.

Real Estate Services

King County Department of Transportation, Transit and Marine Division, Seattle, Washington

THE PLANNING STUDIO, a licensed real estate firm, is supporting King County with property acquisition, disposal, and leasing, as well as transit-related property studies, for transit and ferry systems.

Downtown Transit Alternatives

Synthesis of Prior Studies, Peer Review, and Concept Development, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

THE PLANNING STUDIO evaluated rail corridor options as part of an effort to mitigate the rail corridor as a barrier and enhance urban redevelopment. Subconsultant to UrbanTrans ANZ.

Tacoma Disparity Study

Evaluation of Small and Minority Business Opportunities, Tacoma, Washington

THE PLANNING STUDIO led outreach to obtain input from small businesses into the study through anecdotal interviews. Subconsultant to Griffin & Strong, P.C.


National Consultation for Land Development and Subdivision Infrastructure Standard, New Zealand

After our team developed the land use-transportation integration and complete streets approach, THE PLANNING STUDIO led consultation for adoption of the New Zealand standard.

On-Call Transit Planning

Community Transit, Everett and
Snohomish County, Washington

THE PLANNING STUDIO is supporting bus network planning and service evaluation for local, commuter express, and bus rapid transit services. Subconsultant to LSC Transportation Consultants.


Mario Gonzalez

Managing Director | Communications

Mario graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Houston and has worked in a variety of business communications, transportation (aviation) services, and client relationship roles throughout the Americas and internationally for over 20 years. Since founding TPSI LLC (dba The Planning Studio), Mario has been responsible for marketing and communications, market research, and content management through online and social media platforms for a global base of private-sector clients and customers. Mario takes a lead role in company management and serves as a lead for all projects with a public and stakeholder communications focus, as well as airline operations assessments in airport facility planning.

Keith Hall

Director | Urban Mobility

Keith graduated with a Master of Science in Planning from the University of Texas at Austin. Keith has worked as a transportation and land use planner for 25 years, focusing primarily on urban transit infrastructure, operations, policy, and access, as well as active transportation, station area planning and transit-oriented development. Keith has led planning efforts on major transit programs, including the Metrolinx light rail transit program in Toronto and corridor feasibility studies for bus rapid transit projects in Salt Lake City and other North American cities, but he has also supported a variety of smaller studies, including transit planning and multimodal streetscape concepts. Keith serves as the lead on transit- and transportation-focused projects.

Fernando Leiva

Manager | Land Use and Urban Design

Fernando graduated with a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington and holds bachelor in architecture. Fernando has over 20 years experience in land use, urban design, zoning, and transportation planning in the United States and Latin America, and has managed a range of land use, site development, and community planning projects involving comprehensive planning, the evaluation and implementation of zoning code revisions, and the development of urban design concepts across a range of diverse urban and economic contexts. Fernando serves as the lead on urban planning, land use, and zoning projects, including transit-oriented development projects that have a land use and urban design focus.

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